Timber Floor Sanding Perth

We all love our timbers floors and one of the big attractions of hardwood flooring is its natural beauty with imperfections, scratches, dents stains and chips, yet your flooring still looks great. However, sometime these scratches can build up over time and sections of your timber floor start to look dull and are in need of floor sanding.

Solid timber flooring can be re-sanded numerous times, instantly restoring your flooring to new. True Finish Floor Sanding specialises in professional sanding and refinishing of wood species as well as parquetry and some engineered floors. We can advise on the best method for sanding your timber flooring as there are a number of factors to consider, such as species of timber, age, extent of damage and whether it’s too soon to sand and polish your flooring.

Perth Floor Sanding
Timber Floor Sanding Perth

Sanding wood floors is a multi-step process that varies depending on the wood species, condition, and finish coat desired. True Finish Floor Sanding has the experience and knowledge to not only professionally sand your hardwood flooring but expertly apply a range of coatings, sealers, and polishes.

Our sanding process uses the latest tools and equipment to eliminate those old scratches and dents for an even, smooth feel. Then, using the coating of your choice, we can put the perfect look back on your timber floors. Finally, the topcoat will give your new looking floors the great finish they once had.

Whether you want to keep your hardwood floors looking great, or change the way your hardwood floors look entirely, our hardwood floor sanding will return your beloved timber floors to new.


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    Hardwood Flooring Perth

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