Timber Floor Polishing Perth

Timer floor polishing is the final stage in hardwood flooring refinishing and is often referred to as timber floor coating, staining, or sealing. While there are differences between all three, timber floor polishing covers all options. We can provide our clients with a huge selection of options from high gloss, through to satin and matt finishes.

When your home’s timber floors were first laid, a protecting coating or sealant would have been applied. This coating is essential to help protect your flooring from damage. Your flooring is subject to foot traffic, furniture, spills, dropped items and even pet claws, which all, over time, can damage and wear down the protective layer.

As part of any timber floor re-sanding a form of protective coating must be applied to help preserve the wood’s natural beauty and ensure your flooring lasts as long as your home.

Floor Polishing Perth
Timber Floor Sanding Perth

There are so many different options on the market today when it comes to choosing a stain, sealer, or sheen level of coating for your timber floors and from experience we know which formula works best with which timber.

Once the sanding has been completed, it is best to finish the wood floor and apply chosen coating as soon as possible. This protects the floor from moisture, containment’s and other possible issues that could cause the wood grain to rise, which results in a rougher wood surface.


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    Staining is a job that needs to be carried out by professionals as there is so much involved to ensure that the correct colour is achieved, and that the right level of staining is used so as not to reveal any imperfections. It is important that there are no streaks and that any excess stain is removed.


    Floors encounter many challenges. People walking on them, children playing on them, dogs, cats and general everyday wear and tear. Once the stain has been applied our True Finish technicians will coat the floor with either an oil based, water based, or solvent based finish.

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