The average Perth home should take two to three days. Large homes or staircases may add an extra day or two.

Sanded and polished floors should be dry enough within 24 hours for walking and gently placing furniture (no dragging). Allow at least two weeks before placement of area rugs.

It is your choice, but please keep in mind that finished floors cannot be walked on until they are completely dry and polyurethane emits an odour that some may find strong or unpleasant.

At True Finish we board up the areas we are working to keep the others clean. Once the work is finished, we make a point of vacuuming and wiping down the dust created, so it was as if we were never there.

A hardwood floor is typically ¾” thick, and therefore can undergo about 10 standard refinishes before the floor is compromised. The average floor will need to be refinished about every 12 years, depending on the wear and tear your floor gets from daily traffic.

This depends on the coating, or sealant you have selected.

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